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Be Your Best Friend - T shirt

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Rs.499.00  Rs.750.00

Black shirt High quality cottonThe color may vary slightly

Black shirt

High quality cotton

The color may vary slightly

Returns Policy

You are welcome to return the product for a store credit refund within a 4 day period provided that the product, especially, garment, is unused and in its original state sent to you. Personalised items and cushion covers cannot be returned. For returns kindly courier the product to our factory in Lahore and we will reimburse you (in store credit) accordingly for the cost of the product. In case of a damaged product, kindly WhatsApp us at 923111684429 Area around the handle is not printed. Black mugs do not have end to end print. End product may vary slightly in due to difference in rendered image and design, especially with pictures, the colors can be more intense.. These do not merit refund. Design team can make executive decisions regarding the layout, and that does not qualify for refund.

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