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About Us

What is Muggay

Muggay is a brand that has revolutionised mugs in Pakistan. From being a mere kitchenware item, Muggay has changed mugs into art, an expression, extension of your style, a token for loved ones. Limited to not just tea ware, Muggay has gone above and beyond to produce products especially curated for our customers' needs. With innovation at its forefront, Muggay has been coming up with diverse products with equally diverse designs, setting trends all across Pakistan. 
Moreover, we at Muggay understand the need for quality goods and affordable prices. Our Products are made with love, passion, and the best raw material the word has to offer.

How are we different

We, at Muggay, believe in brining new and exciting things to the table. We are connoisseurs of mug designs, and have extended our signature style to other household items as well. With the support of our customers, Muggay has managed to add various items to its portfolio, and aims to continue setting trends. We therefore are not only driven by innovation, but we exclusively create diverse products for our diverse customer base. We also believe in producing local, and in contributing to our local economy. 

What do we sell

We sell  lifestyle!