Free Father's Day Cards


Either you did not manage to find your perfect Father’s Day gift, or much like many of us, had completely forgotten about it. But don’t beat yourself over it. Instead, go into damage control mode.

While it is not possible to find gifts for all types of fathers on such short notice, we can invest in the sentimental gifts.

Father’s Day Cards are perfect gifts. Pen a heartfelt note alongside, so that your Father feels special on this day.

We have rounded up FREE Father’s Day Card designs, with some helpful Father’s Day wishes and quotes so that you can give them to your father, husband, brother this year. Print them, or send image, they will love it either way.


Nothing beats a solid design, like the Father’s Day Card below. We have also added textual variant, so that you can find the card that befits your Father.

Father's Day Card best Dad Ever

 You can use your own words for the note, or use this prompt for inspiration

Dear Baba,
Thank you for protecting me, sheltering me, nurturing me.
You have raised me to be myself, taught me how to live, showed me what true love is, embodied what it means be selfless.
 You have always put me first, and while I can never repay you back, I want you to know that I cannot love anyone else as much as I love you.

        Father's Day Card best baba ever


If your father has the mustache, you have got to stroke it.

         Dear Daddy,
         We love you more than you love your mustache.

 Father's Day Card best daddy 


 Baby Shark fever is anything but over, and frankly, adults like it just as much as kids do. So, if your husband and toddler like Baby Shark, maybe have a little fun this Father’s Day with this quirky Daddy Shark card. Add in a few cheesy puns in your note to add some Dad-Jokes’ vibe to your card.

 Daddy Shark, you are the best Shark in the entire Ocean. We shorely are coconuts aboat you. You are such a catch.

Father's Day Card daddy shark

 Wives can also send Father’s Day cards to their husbands, alongside the kids.

 Thank you for being the best Father and Husband in the entire world. Your affection and love are the things that keep us strong. You make the world a better place for us, that’s why, you mean the world to us
Father's Day Card affectionate image



Don’t forget to add something for your Father-in-Law as well. If your sassur is a ‘stache fan, he is sure to love this card. Men take their mustaches very seriously, so you are not just wishing a merry day to your Father-in-Law but giving him a compliment as well. That’s killing 2 birds, with one stone.

You are not my Father-in-Law, you are my Father-in-Love.


Father's Day Card father-in-law 



Grandparents are twice as awesome as the regular parents. They spoil us, nurture us, and cater to our every whim. So, be sure to give your nana and dada a token of your love this Father’s Day.

 Father's Day Card best baba


You can also write them a sincere Father’s day wish in Urdu, showing the ways they came through for you in life.

       Dada Jaan,

Ap nay ungli pakar ker chalna sikhaya, gir ker sumbhalna sikhaya.
 Logon ko pyaar kerna sikhaya, zindagi ka falsafa sikhaya.
Misaal bun ker jeena sikhaya, dosroun ki mashal ban’na sikhaya

 Father's Day Card best dada trophy



You can pick the most beautiful Sufi verse from Mian Muhammad Buksh.

         Baap siran day Taj Muhammad, Mawan thundian Chawan

         باپ سراں دے تاج محمد, ماواں ٹھنڈیاں چھاواں

 Father's Day Card nana jaan



For many of us, our brothers have also played an important role in our upbringing. Elder brothers are especially nurturing and this Father’s Day, thank them for being your support; Bring a Brother’s Day twist to the day.

Father's Day card from brother 

 Brothers are especially protective towards their sisters. It's time to celebrate that lovely bond.

 Bhaiya, I might not say it often, but thank you for being my hero, my support, my rock. You taught me how to ride a bike, fought off people for me, guided me through the ups and downs of life, showed me how to be a good person. Wishing you the best of this world, and the hereafter.

Father's Day to brothers, from sisters 




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